About us

Welcome to Vision 415 Recording Studio, located in Burbank CA. Our studio was founded by Jovan Johnson aka JayStarr Da Realest.

Our studio was developed and designed with both artist and producer in mind. Our goal is to provide a relaxed, comfortable, creative atmosphere; a place where our client can feel it home. Our team of professionals do more than record. We can work with you in the artistic process of creating music from; writing, producing, custom beat making, singing hooks, mixing & mastering.

All of our professionals at Vision 415 Recording Studio are recording artist, that specialize in; Rap, R & B, Pop, Gospel.

We regularly upgrade our recording equipment and software to meet the highest standards available; a state-of-the-art professional recording studio, right here in Burbank, CA next to DJ Flippp.


Mastering Industry Standard

Analog EQ & Compression, Peak Limiting, Stereo Widening, Bass Enhancement, Loudness Maximization, Dynamic Expansion, Fades/Crossfades, Noice Reduction, Text/ISRC & Album Art Encoding. Includes two free revisions.

Price : $40

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Standard Mix & Mastering

1. Hybrid (Analog + Digital) Mixing
2. Industry Standard Mastering
3. mp3 & WAV Mixdown
4. 16 Stem limit ($2 for each additional stem over this limit)
5. Three Revision
6. Auto Pitch Correction

Basic Analog EQ & Compression, Noise Gatting, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing using stock DAW plugins.

Price : $85

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$65 × 3hr block= $195
$60 × 6hr block = $360
$55 × 8hr block = $440
$50 × 12hr block = $600
1 mix & master free with; 8 or 12 hour blocks & artwork.
12 hour block gets in studio video / photos of session.

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Our Team

Mixed By Arrogant

Key Elements
Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Song Arrangement, Production
Specialization Genre
Hip Hop, R&B, Contemporary Pop, Alternative Pop, Gospel
Credits: Official
"Tha Blue Team" engineer, Anaiya J Roots, Alika Rozaye, Tylo, Kurupt, C-Bo.

Mixed By Drazey

Key Elements
Mixing, Mastering, Song Arrangement, Production
Specialization Genre
Hip Hop, R&B, Contemporary Pop, Alternative Pop
Credits: Official
IDIN GORJI, L’z, Rae’l, Anaiya J Roots, LoLo, The Game, Chali2na

Our Recent Work


The recording studio was top-notch! The sound quality was superb and the staff was incredibly helpful. I will definitely be back!
Denzel Curry
I had a fantastic experience at the recording studio! The equipment was up-to-date and the engineers were knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Isaiah Rashad
The recording studio exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere was professional and the technology was top-notch.
Celph Titled